Esther André

Esther André, psychologist ACC

While studying Theology and Counseling in the United States, Esther André had the opportunity to help women with sexual dependencies. She also helped teenagers with behavioral issues. Since 2011, when she came back to Switzerland, she has worked in various Counseling Centers, such as le SAS in Marin, le Large in Yverdon and Paloma in Nyon, under Denise Bouvier’s supervision.

In her various experiences, she has mainly helped women with all sorts of inner conflicts. She co-lead a group of women whose husbands are touched by pornography. Special training has enabled her to specialize in these fields, such as an intensive training in post-traumatic stress disorder, a course on addiction with GREA and a course on sexual identity with Torrents de Vie. Also, she participated in one-day training with the association ACC. In her work as Student Counsellor, Esther André has received students between 18 and 23 years old who have various issues with as relationships, sexuality, identity, or depression.

Since 2016, she has been accredited by the association ACC. While working, she values further training and supervisions. She is able to practise in English or French.