Denise Bouvier

Denise Bouvier, psychologist/psychotherapist FSP

Trained in systemic therapy, critical incidence management and the sensorimotor approach to trauma treatment, for the last 25 years her professional activity has specialized increasingly on issues concerning expatriate living, the development of resilience, recovery from trauma of all types, and staff care in the areas of humanitarian aid and development.

Denise Bouvier was born to American/Canadian parents in California in 1956. The first of four children, her youngest brother joined their family at age 4 1/2 years old from Korea.

Encouraged from a young age to explore and enjoy other places, cultures and peoples, Ms. Bouvier has been living in the Geneva area since 1986.

Her professional work began in the late 1970’s through internships working with people learning to live with psychosis, autism and other serious mental health disorders.
Further experience included work with child protective services among the Mohave Tribe of native Americans, and addiction treatment in Switzerland, France and the USA.

She likes to define her work as “helping others to like their lives”.